“….God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine according to His power at work in us.”  Ephesians 3:20b

West Point Graduation – the culmination of a 47-month journey for 1002 young men & women in the graduating class of 2010.  A journey of prayer for many moms & dads.

Events I had no control over:

  • The weather!  It poured as we drove up from Virginia to New York on Tuesday, 18 May.  The events scheduled outdoors were the Superintendent’s Garden Reception,  a Thursday Parade,  Graduation Parade on Friday, followed by a family picnic down by the Hudson River, Graduation itself on Saturday in Michie Stadium, a picnic lunch celebration with Officer Christian Fellowship, and an evening barbecue picnic with 70 friends and family.  Then there were the many walks around the post, sight-seeing and trekking from parking lots 30-40 minutes from event locations to include walking in heels and ball gowns to the Grad Banquet.
  • Parking far away and being able to get to events on time.
  • When our group of 12 praying Moms-In-Touch would be able to meet and not cause a burden on the rest of the family members.
  • Family and friends showing up on time and getting through security.   Because President Obama was the speaker, inspections of persons, belongings and cars was intensified , therefore unpredictable.  Traffic backups were forecast.
  • A 11-month old baby!  Dear Chloe functions best with a morning nap and an afternoon nap.
  • Safety for family members flying in and driving in.
  • Harmony among the group.

How God met every need with abundant grace

  • Perfect weather – only the Supe’s garden reception got moved indoors.  We were able to walk around and push Chloe and enjoy the outdoor beauty of West Point.  During the 5 hours in the stadium for graduation, the sun was not too hot the first 3 or so hours.
  • We were able to park and get to events on time.
  • 9 of us moms were able to meet, hug, cry and pray in person.
  • Uncle Steve made it to the graduation banquet with plenty of time to spare. Joan & Jeff arrived on time to the hotel.  Fiancée Anne showed up at about the same time as her parents.  We drove onto post in plenty of time for graduation.
  • Wes’ sponsors, the Sturdivants, opened up their home to us for all 4 days so we could hang out, flop on their sofa and watch movies while Chloe napped upstairs in their guest room.  It was great to have a place just to relax and chill.  Grad week is INTENSE!
  • Chloe had at least one good nap a day and was able to adjust to her different schedule.  She was an amazingly happy baby.  Jeff, Joan and Anne took turns playing with her and walking her around.
  • Lots of laughter AND the good kind of tears.  Wonderful, memory-making times among the 10 of us.

Extra Grace that blessed us:

  • Wes’ grandmother in Seattle actually watched the graduation on C-SPAN and heard Wes’ name being called and watched him receive his diploma.
  • A foreign language awards ceremony where the personal care of loving professors was evident.  A slide show of baby & grown-up pictures of each of the 150 FL majors set to music was a special treat at the end.
  • The blessedness of a Spiritual Commissioning where Jesus Christ could be mentioned.
  • The personal and humorous anecdotal remarks that Col Rod Sturdivant made as he swore Wes in at his Army commissioning ceremony.
  • The warmth and care of two front-desk people at our hotel in Nanuet.
  • Seeing and hearing about the spiritual growth of Wes and his special small group of Christian brothers at the final event.
  • The layout of the hotel suites with kitchens so Chloe could be comfortable and we could have our creature comforts.
  • The joy of being with wonderfully-supportive Uncle Steve, Wes’ future in-laws- Jeff & Joan, Anne – Wes’ fiancée, and our beloved Graham and Shay with little Miss Chloe Isla Cochrane.
  • Restaurants that were accommodating to a  baby and provided high chairs that were perfect.
  • Anne being willing to drive Graham and family to the La Guardia airport which was MUCH easier than a taxi.
  • No traffic driving home.

What this experience taught me about how God answers prayer:

  • I am convinced that God delights to bless us with good things.  I take all these answers to prayer as evidence that the God of the universe does exist and does want us to cast ALL our cares on Him.  These ‘perfect’ 6 days have encouraged me to keep praying for those long-term prayer requests, the ones that seem to linger with no answers.  I believe that God showered us with all these blessings as a way to stress his teaching in Luke 18:1 –  Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.