1. Using President Lincoln as an example, Mike Metzger shows us the value of memorization – Outsourcing our Memories   

2. I loved this real-life example of how the Gospel helps with those crazy mornings which tempt us to feel sorry for ourselves –

How the Gospel gives hope in the midst of chaos

3. Here’s a quote that gave me pause – Christianity was never meant to be a list of principles to which we conform our behavior; it is living reconciled to God in active communion with him every day. Many believers, however, miss this incredible facet of our relationship with him. Thinking God has given us guiding principles to live by, we grow accustomed to living days or weeks without ever listening to hear what Father has on his heart for us. We make decisions by listing pros and cons, instead of sitting down for any extended period to ask that he make his desires known to us.
Wayne Jacobson

4. What do you say to someone who uses some chapters in Acts to argue that the early Church practiced and taught socialism?Sell all you have and give to the poor?

5. Final quote for a restful weekend – Our job in this life is not to go off on our own and get busy, busy, busy, work, work, work, trying in vain to produce fruit. Trying to love people on our own will lead to a life of frustration. Our responsibility is not to produce the fruit of the Spirit on our own. Our responsibility is to have a relationship to Jesus Christ and to let God use us. It is a life yielded to Christ. It is a life of rest.
J. Delany
Abiding in Christ, Chapter 7, Used by Permission.