1. The best commencement address I have ever heard – Eric Metaxas –

2. How God calls us to trust Him instead of worry – written for moms, but applicable to us all – Antidote to Worrry

3. This 7 minute audio describes the impact on John Piper while reading CS Lewis’ journey to Christ via glimpses of Joy.  He also explains why God designed us to be most satisfied when we give praise to God. About joy, praise and Christ

4. A sobering thought from Grace Quotes (a ministry of Grace Tabernacle Bible Church/ Randy Smith – Pastor) :

The evangelical church’s chief strategies to end abortion have been to put pressure on abortion clinics and on elected officials. There is nothing wrong with these strategies; however, one strategy that has not been used or adopted widely is that of protesting those churches that support the ghastly murder of unborn babies. It is time for Christians to give prophetic criticism to the church, specifically to those churches that support abortion on demand or remain silent on this major issue…[and] when the church is silent in the midst of a holocaust, she ceases to be a real church. 
R.C. Sproul
The Voice of the Church, April 2013, Tabletalk, p. 27. Used by Permission.

5. Audio advice to moms for how to raise boys  – John Piper’s thoughts – audio