Good news for my friends and family!  I’m abandoning the deluge of  ‘interesting and helpful’ forwards.  I’ve decided to follow Ann Voskamp and others’ pattern of collecting a few quotes, soundbites & essays and inserting them into a once-a-week blog post.

The hyperlink comes first that you can click on and then the description follows.  Bon appétit!

Why the Ascension matters

The link to this page brings you to a resource of audio  interviews with various authors.  The 20 minute interview of 8 May 2013 provided me with insights about the ascension of Jesus that freed me to rest.  You can listen on-line, download or subscribe to future   podcasts in iTunes.

A healing way to think about miscarriages

The above post shares the thoughts and theology of a young Christian mom.  Helpful for anyone trying to find some light after the ‘untimely’ death of a loved one.

How longings and glimpses of joy are proof of ‘The Best is Yet to Come’

Here is a 7 minute reflection by Pastor John Piper about how CS Lewis influenced him.  Click on the arrow at top left OR on the squiggly sound waves to start the audio.

How to make our kids self-reliant

This fascinating essay talks about the downside of trying to protect our kids from every eventuality.  We rob them of practice in self-reliance.