My new acronym to stop me before I sin again is MMAASS – Maria’s motives are always sinfully suspect.  When I was growing up my father would warn me and correct me by remarking, “Maria, you like to pull wings off of flies!” He meant that I deliberately enjoyed and would engage in saying something to hurt someone.

The other day, I did it again. Emailed someone with the intention of making them feel stupid and making myself look smart and logical in my reasons.  I’m getting sick of my same sin, yet….it lures me and holds out the promise of future payoff.  And I’m a sucker.

This ongoing sin lures me in my on-line (mostly uni-directional)  dealings with a couple of family members.  Frequently I send them and forward on postings/ essays to make them think, “Oh, Maria is so right about X!  I should change how I think.”  At least that is what I fantasize will happen.

Why do I need to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to make myself look better in the eyes of someone?  (and why do I  assume I will look ‘better/more superior’? – maybe I am flattering myself!)

Isn’t it enough to know that the triune God……

-planned for me before creation

-with a joyful heart came to earth to live a perfect life and suffer a painful death for my sins

-forgave and rescued me

-has linked His power and name with mine forever

-works on my behalf even now, as personal intercessor and trainer in holiness

-offers constant access to the King and happy Sovereign of the universe

-is keeping a spot prepared for me in heaven

Isn’t all that enough?  Why do I need to work to get other people to look at me with awe?

All smelly sin.

So, with Christ’s help and the promptings of the Holy Spirit, I renounce that sick hobby, this day, 25 November 2012.  Amen!

PS:  Knowing me, I’ll succumb again, but there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ.  So I will depend on the future grace and gift of repentance and forgiveness.