1 Peter 1:6 In this you greatly rejoice, though now, for a little while, you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.

‘Agalliao’ literally means to jump for joy.  Translators have drained off the very enthusiasm, sucked the brimming delight out of the original Greek.

What makes you deliriously happy?  Sometimes I glance at the gym’s TVs when I’m on the treadmill.  If I’m working out around 4 pm, Oprah used to be on.  Have you ever caught that show on one of her ‘goodie-give-away days’?  You’d think the women had just been told that a tumor is benign or something a little more significant.  But it’s just stuff that has them stirred up.

Or how about Superbowl Sunday in America?  An unpredictable upset can send the winning team’s fans into orbit.  I’ve never witnessed a Mega-Lottery winner’s initial reaction at the news of his change of fortune, but I can picture it.  They say the giddiness of the good news wears off as greedy distant relatives emerge and concrete decisions overwhelm the winner.

So why should you & I as believers, as God’s chosen children, jump for joy every day?  For starters, let’s consider some facts:

  • We have been permanently saved from the fiery grip of Hell’s demons
  • We have a guaranteed inheritance that is waiting for us in heaven. (I really can’t imagine all that might entail, but I am assured by God’s word that it is beyond human imagination.  And it must be VERY good, if Christ were willing to die so we could share in it.)
  • Remarkable  accounting transactions.  As a believer, Jesus’ righteousness counts for me and my sins have been transferred to him. What a deal!
  • God’s supernatural presence, power, protection, provision and all his possessions are mine in this present life -1 Cor 3:21b – ‘for all things belong to you (believers).’
  • God also gives me purpose for living in this present life (we were created to enjoy bringing Him glory) and guaranteed work/purpose in the Kingdom of God that is beyond this worldly concept of TIME.  We won’t float around in unending boredom strumming harps and polishing our halos – we’ll be busy with significant work.
  • God brings meaning to suffering and promises justice for wrongs done us.
  • God promises to work/weave the ‘all things’ (the suffering and injustices done us and our loved ones) into the fabric of our story that will bring Him glory and us eventual joy.

Dear Lord, the next time someone asks, “Maria, how are you doing?” may I remember to let them in on a little secret…that I’m turning cartwheels when I think what awaits me.  Let me NOT be afraid to share the good news that is available to them as well.  There are plenty of invites left for those who want to receive God’s enduring ‘goodies’.  And the joy will not fade within minutes/ hours or days from receiving this blood-stained invitation.  Don’t forget to ‘RSVP’!