Whew!  I’m relieved.  After reading one of Michael Horton’s books, (Christless Christianity), I found out that the way to share the Gospel is to open my mouth and witness to the objective, true, historical reality of what Jesus did for us.  For years, I had heard it said that we should follow Francis of Assisi’ life motto, essentially live out the Gospel and only use words as necessary.  That sounds great..until one actually looks at one’s life.  I mean, I’m a believer.  But I’m also very selfish (sinful, in Christianese).  And I’m sure there are many non-believers who are more neighborly and caring than I.  I don’t have to go far to be reminded of our neighbor: ‘Super George’ – he helps EVERYone.  I don’t.

At one school where I taught, the Latin teacher was Jewish.  People often quipped about this kind lady, “She’s more Christian than most Christians”, referring to her unselfish, neighborly behavior.

But being kind to one’s neighbor doesn’t always get them to say, “Gee, there is something different about you, tell me!”

So we are commanded to explicitly proclaim the good news.  I can do that, with God’s help.  Truthfully, the Gospel is not about my transformed life, but about what Jesus did on the cross so I could have peace with God.  My sin was put on Jesus and Jesus’ life perfectly lived out was credited to me.